Saturday, January 30, 2010

another patch finished!!

i also decided to make a monster for the boys. i havent been making
monsters since i picked up embroidering so im motivated to get back into
making some funny guys. heres a tooth monster for the release 
of their new split with Tragic Johnson. 

this is a close up of the mouth:

and this is miss madison joelle buttface
trying to keep warm. its so cold out!

[xoxo georgia] 
Its 2010! the year of the Tit!
I've been working on patches for the boys of Tit Patrol.
Im trying to finish at least 15 for when they go on the road 
again in late February.
Realistically, ill probably end up only making a handful 
and giving them away. Its hard to tell that they are embroidered 
because of my horrible camera, but heres a couple:
and i finally made a danny vapid patch. love love love him. 
grant was not too happy about this one.
Can't wait for screeching weasel in april!!!

My first big project of the year was embroidering 
the 12 chinese animals. 
i might have to make number 13 for the tit!
here are a couple close ups:


and here is all 12 together:

[xoxo georgia]