Sunday, March 28, 2010

march madness!!!!
well as far as sewing goes for me. 
i misplaced my camera on st pattys
day so i havent been able to upload any new pics.
made a couple presents for some friends.
i have been working like crazy trying to afford this three 
week vaca i have in may. i cant believe im  gonna have so much
time to lay on the beach and sewwwww.
saw the donnas last night at the note in west chester. sooo good. 
and nikki corvette opened!!!!!! i had no idea.
it was a blast.  makes me wanna put more time  towards the band. 
if only i had 48 hours a day. or no job. uggggg
more projects posted soon. (i hope!)
[ xoxo georgia ] 

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